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Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loans Indiana

Our Indiana mortgage brokers setup a debt consolidation loan for you. Mortgage financing in Indiana is our specialty.

Give us a call at Toll Free 888.694.0455 ext. 85 or Apply for an Indiana debt consolidation loan online.

Why pay upwards of 17.99% up to 29.99% in interest on your credit card debt when you could be paying as low as 5% or 6% with an Indiana debt consolidation loan? In this world, there is good debt (i.e. tax reducing mortgage debt) and then there is bad debt (i.e. money sucking credit card debt). The goal of an Indiana debt consolidation loan via home equity lending is to get your negative amortizing, bad debt under control.

  • * Indiana debt consolidation loans are not difficult to obtain
  • * Drastically reduce your monthly payments with a new low interest rate
  • * Stop giving away your money to high interest rate credit card companies
  • * Use the equity you already have in your home to your financinal advantage
  • * Talk to one of our strategic mortgage planners to learn how

Credit cards are a great convenience, but if they start to get out of control (easy to do in this day of age), they can cause lasting financial damage. A debt consolidation loan is a tool we use to get off the path of high interest, negatively amortizing debt. You can take any number of unsecured loans and eliminate their high interest rate payments with one lower rate in the form of a secured mortgage loan. This is usually done through home equity loans (also called HELOC loans). The following are three main benifits to this type of good debt management.

Interest paid on mortgage debt is tax deductable. Interest paid on credit cards is not tax deductable. This can be a huge benefit that could save you a lot of money (money which you could be putting toward paying down loans). This alone makes the program worth looking into. The IRS use the term "home equity debt." The interest is usually fully deductible, but there are some stipulations. To be fully deductible, your "home equity debt" cannot exceed $100,000 or the total value of the home.

Your new interst rates will be lower. It is no secret that credit cards companies charge dearly for their services. Because a this loan is secured by your home, banks will offer lower rates. This type of financing provides a lower risk to banks, which will in turn, charge a lower interest rate. You can use the money you save for extra payoff leverage.

Your FICO credit score can improve. When you pay off your maxed out, high interest rate credit cards, your credit score will improve. Your credit score is in part, determined by your cedit to debt ratio. Through the consolidation process, you will increase the available credit, which in turns lowers your debt ratio. Your Improved credit score can be a good asset for any future lending needs. It is never too late to take control of your financial situtation. We will help you get on the right path to properly managed debt and help you achieve your financial goals.

Let us help you in obtaining the best financing program for you, whether you are buying or refinancing your current mortgage we can assist you. We have several types of mortgages available: Conventional Financing, Veterans Affairs programs, and more. Please give is a call at Call Today (808) 357-5326 or fill out our online Inquiry form to have a consultant go over options and future goals.


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